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Pipe Fabrication

We want your biggest piping challenges.

With pipe fabrication in our 105,000-square-foot Enerpipe facilities in Wisconsin, we’re built for just about any piping project you can send our way.

Our two shops, New London (30,000 sqft) and Menasha (75,000 sqft) are designed to maximize throughput and deliver premium-quality pipe fabrication.

Project Tracking and Transparency

Enerpipe facilities are outfitted with Viewfab®, an online portal that gives you real-time tracking of your job in our shop.

Viewfab lets customers instantly check the progress of their pipe fabrication job and access critical information to make project management easier and give decision-makers the confidence that we’re delivering on time and within budget.

Materials & Welding Procedures

Enerpipe has over 1,500 qualified weld procedures, an in-house metallurgist, and weld engineers who utilize the latest welding technology to meet specific welding requirements.

Experienced and capable of working with materials including:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Higher Nickel Alloys
Why Enerpipe

Building Better Ways of Working

We believe our job goes beyond delivering exceptional work safely. As your partner, we strive to answer your challenge with innovative solutions that maximize quality, minimize safety risks and costs, and shorten the overall project schedule. Our innovative approach to answering your toughest challenges delivers better work faster and more cost-effectively.

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Our buyer’s guide offers more insights into how we support your project and shares a case study on a unique solution that can extend the life of your pipe.

Products & Services

What We Offer

With multiple pipe fabrication shops and cutting-edge technology, Enerpipe can spool entire jobs in the shop, taking work out of the field, improving quality, mitigating risks, and lowering costs.


Market Expertise

Enerpipe’s pipe fabrication capabilities enable us to serve traditional markets and help usher in new industries.

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